New England Joins Rush Nation

02.04.13 - New England RushRush Soccer is very excited to announce that MC Falcons has officially become the New England Rush!  

Club President David Suvak officially signed the Licensing & Services Agreement to make this the 28th Rush Partner in the United States. “The coaching staff and I have created a tremendous playing environment for our current players of all ages.  We are always looking to create quality soccer experiences for players who are a part of our club. We feel our partnership with Rush Soccer will open doors for our players, their families, coaches and administrative staff.  We are pleased to have been offered this opportunity by Rush for our club and everyone involved.”

Servicing Middlesex County (North of Boston, MA) and the surrounding area and 300 members, Suvak and New England Rush, are looking forward to the new partnership. “We currently have quality people working within our club and will continue to provide excellent service to our members.  The Rush Soccer name will provide an immediate club identity and level of professionalism that goes with the brand.  We feel with the support of Rush Soccer our club will continue to grow within our small state of Massachusetts, but also within the region of New England.  This is an exciting time for our club and we are looking forward to a bright future with our new partnership with Rush.”

“When the Executive Board and Coaching Directors discussed opening doors for players and providing a multitude of environments for them to play soccer, we considered merging with a handful of existing local clubs.  Ultimately we wanted to continue to provide high quality soccer in a professional manner for our players. A new partnership with Rush Soccer made perfect sense; we focused on collaboration and felt our mission was parallel to the Rush Way.”

“Partnering with this part or the U.S. is really special.  This is where soccer originated in the U.S. and even today this region still produces so many talented players.  Another reason for our excitement in the partnership is that the leaders of the Falcons, now New England Rush, share the same ambition and values as the Rush.  We will have a good journey together,” said Rush Soccer President and CEO Tim Schulz.

New England Rush joins Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania Rush in Region I and will currently serve as the northern most Rush club in the region.

“Most of the coaches on the staff have played high caliber soccer along the way.  Each coach still has a passion for the game and an interest in developing youth players and shares their love for the game. We believe the coaching staff assembled to work with our club has a rich playing background and a wealth of coaching knowledge to share with our players.  Our coaches are dedicated to their own development and continue their education by participating in USSF and NSCAA courses; this demonstrates our coach’s dedication to giving the best possible instruction to the players possible.  It is what they deserve!” exclaimed Suvak.

Welcome New England Rush!