Select Coaching Staff 2013

Rush Select Finalizes Coaching Staff for 2013

With preparations for the 2012/2013 Rush Select Season fully underway, we are excited to rush select logoannounce the coaching staff for the Head and Assistant coaches for the Select first teams.  The teams that will be together for various events, including trips to Casa Grande (AZ) and Atlanta (GA) for the first ever Rush Identification Camp, the Annual President Day Tournament (AZ), the Open Cup (AL) and the Rush Fest (CO).  The program is also looking to put together some Select Pool teams to compete in order to give more players the opportunity to represent Rush Soccer and be part of the environment that the Select Program offers.

The group of coaches that have been put together for this year is likely the strongest coaching staff ever for Select.  The group of 22 coaches, include three SPI staff coaches, two Rush Regional Technical Directors, ten Rush Technical Directors and seven Rush Directors of coaching.  Coaches from 21 Rush clubs are represented.

This year we were just short of 600 player recommendations, and so the job of the Head Coaches to pick the best team will be as tough as ever.  

Please Click Here to see the Rush Select Coaching Staff.

Congratulations and best of luck to all of the players and coaches involved in the 2013 Rush Select Program.