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Rush Soccer Club offers a free recruiting service just for our membership. Information regarding the recruiting process, a free webpage for your athlete that can house video, a college search engine, and communication abilities with college coaches are all available at no charge.

National CAP Director, Michael Gabb, sends out weekly tips and video's for parents and players, along with college opportunities that are sent to Rush Soccer!


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Rush Membership,


There have been some very exciting happenings over the last year in our College Advisory Program (CAP). Throughout the course of the past few years our partner, Playerocity and the club, have been working jointly to improve our college program offerings beyond what any other club can claim. While that is and always will be a work in process, we have taken a gigantic leap forward to support our players, parents, and clubs as co-developed the Playerocity system.


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First, we must acknowledge our partner for all of their efforts to bring the vision to life. Below is a synopsis of just what Playerocity is and all of the benefits that it will bring to your players, parents, and club. This supports our main goal within the program of educating and supporting all of our players in their quest to become college athletes.


A few key points I will highlight that are not listed below. First and foremost we wanted to simplify the system for all parties; administration, team coaches, players, and parents. There was too much redundancy in housing all of these items in different places versus having them all in one place for our players to focus on keeping one account up to date.


Second, is to acknowledge the club for purchasing this program for our players. There will be NO extra costs incurred to use the system. We are happy to provide this system to help our players to be the most successful they can!


We hope you enjoy using the system and are excited for our club to continue taking more steps forward to provide the number one college resource during the recruiting process.






• College Advisory Program Administrator


• Team Manager


• Coach


• Player


• Parent






• BRANDING: Brand all player email messages, player profiles & profile PDFs, and team




• MANAGING TEAMS AND PLAYERS: Create teams from a list of all players within


the Playerocity system registered under your organization. These teams are used for


branded Team Profile PDFs and also for contact references in the communication


manager. View Player Profiles and Player Profile PDFs in the Player Manager.




RECIPIENTS: Easily select teams, players, and coaches, and add additional recipients to


email messages. Email messages will send from CAP Admin email. Email messages will


have branding as shown in the Brand Manager.


• TIMESAVINGS: Players, instead of administrators, create player profiles. Player Profiles


and Coach Profiles are easily transferrable to Team Profile PDFs through a click to select


basis. Team Manager accounts can be created to disperse the load and time to create


teams. Teams, players and coaches can be contacted through the Communication


Manager, providing a platform for ease of communication in CAP to send one email as


opposed to many.






• CREATE/EDIT TEAMS: Team Managers can create and edit teams, adding and


removing coaches and players as team lists cycle based on events. Team Profile PDFs


will reflect these changes.






• VIEW TEAMS: Coaches can easily view and print Team Profile PDFs.


• PLAYER ACTIVITY LOG: Coaches can easily monitor player activity to see if players


have been using their accounts and contacting college coaches.






• PLAYER PROFILE: Players can add/change their profile picture and information, as


well as add videos linked through YouTube for a professional profile to send to colleges.


These player profiles are branded by the Brand Manager (CAP Admin account).


• FIND YOUR COLLEGE: Players can browse and search for colleges that they would


like to communicate with. Playerocity updates these colleges to ensure accuracy.


• EMAIL YOUR COLLEGE: Players have a simple communication tool that allows them


to select colleges and establish communication with them. These email messages are


branded as performed in the Brand Manager (CAP Admin account).


• COLLEGE EMAIL STATUS: Players can track to see if emails have been read by


coaches and if coaches have clicked on their profile links.


• COMMITTED?: Players can show that they have committed and list what school they


have committed to. This will be reflected on Team Profile PDFs as well as on player


profiles and registration. Commitments can be shared on Facebook and Twitter.






• VIEW PLAYER ACTIVITY: Parents can monitor player activity and use of accounts,


including messages sent to colleges, allowing them to assist players in their search for


college scholarships and playing opportunities.


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