First Titan Collegian!

Dimirti 1Colorado Rush is excited to announce the Titan Program has graduated its first player to the collegiate level! The Titan Residency Program is made for players who want to come and learn the Rush Way, improve their soccer skills, and just have a unique experience! The House has been in operation for three years now and has seen players from Alaska to Japan come through its doors! Dmitri Fabro has been a stand out resident and one that latched on to the Rush immediately. Fabro has been living at Titan for the past two year and training with the Rush while pursuing the dream of playing college soccer. Dmitri is from Belize and played soccer the majority of his youth career there. He eventually found his way out to the Colorado Rush through a connection with the Rush club in Belize.  
Recently, Dmitri has signed a Letter of Intent with Colorado Christian University to play soccer. This makes him the first International player to do so leaving the Titan Program. His head coach and the Titan Program Director Justin Miller said,  "Dmitri is a special kid. He has worked so hard on and off the field to reach his goals. The best thing about the story in getting a soccer scholarship has been his desire since he got here. He's put his head down and focused on reaching that goal. It's been impressive to watch."
Dmitri has been a stand out player in both the residency program and for his U19 team with CO Rush. When asked about his time with the program Dmitri said, "When I leave Rush I will take so much with me. One of the main things is the hunger for success. I have watched many people here at Rush, and the most hungry person is Mr. Tim Schulz. He is one of the hardest workers I have ever met. Another very important thing I have learned here at Rush is responsibility. They have turned me into a much more responsible person and have helped me become the man I want to be. Rush has done so much more than house me, feed me and train me. They gave me hope that I can achieve my dreams. They have motivated me once again to pursue my passion and made me see with hard work and dedication ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible. Colorado Rush is my home and where ever I end up in life, I owe Rush a big thank you and much much more. Rush has placed me on the path I always wanted to be on."  
Dmitri will be joining CCU at the beginning of August to report for pre-season. All of Rush Soccer would like to wish Dmitri the best of luck in his future endeavors!