Open Cup Round 1

The Rush Men have qualified for the knockout stages of the US Open Cup for the first time in Club history and will travel to Arizona for a game with FC Tucson on Wednesday evening. FC Tucson plays in the PDL and feature primarily college aged players. The Rush Men are a blend of current DA Players, DOC's, former Rush players and pros. 
The Rush roster for Wednesday's game:
Joe Webb
Adam Hudson
Ben Gaido
Brad Gorham
Ciaran O'Brien
Colin Clark
Daniel Wooliscroft
Griffin Dorsey
Jimmy Fitzpatrick
Mark Wellen
Nic Hartman
Nick Blanco
Peter May
Ri Armstrong
Ryan Crowley
Shailer Thomas

"The preparations that it takes to get ready for US Open Cup can really be a difficult task for Amateur Teams. First you have to get through the qualifying rounds which is a very big challenge. but after qualifying for the cup a team has no idea who they are going to play against or where they will play until about 3 weeks before the game is going to take place either. In this case we drew a truly class PDL franchise FC Tucson. This team has had a really good history of success in both the PDL and the Open Cup so we will come into the match heavily billed as the underdogs. We have been playing against a lot of really talented and quality clubs in order to get prepared for the game in Tuscon. The team is in good form and it should be a really good contest for both clubs and our entire team is really excited for the amazing oppurtunity to compete in the tournament," said Coach Joe Webb prior to the team departing for Arizona.

Good luck fellas!