STEM Champion!

Carly PP Science 1G12 Rush Pikes Peak player Carly - Grand Champion in Colorado Springs STEM Fair
G12 Rush player Carly walked away as the GRAND CHAMPION of the Pikes Peak Regional Science Fair.  After being champion of Foothills Elementary School, Carly competed in the Regional Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) event. 
Along with Ollie (B11N) and his Solar Powered Doormat and Cayden (B11R) with his Foot Position and Speed of Soccer Ball when kicked, Carly won the entire competition of over 150 regional competitors with her Satellite Orbit Project. 
"My STEM project was about satellite orbits.  With a marble launcher and some calculations, I learned that the higher the altitude, the less speed a satellite will need to stay in orbit around the Earth.  It was cool to learn something new," said Carly. "Learning from soccer and science is similar.  For both you have to work hard, have patience, and have fun.  Both soccer and science are enjoyable - one much more than the other, though.  Soccer, of course!"
?Congrats to Cayden, Ollie and huge CONGRATS to Carly for her amazing achievement.?
Ollie Penn Science 1Cayden PP Science 1