Rush Soccer in Montreal

Montreal RushRush Welcomes Our Newest International Member - Montreal Rush!

We are very excited to announce our newest partner, Montreal Rush. This project will be led by Sandro Grande and his team. They have created a new branch of their club C.S. Etoiles de L’Est to better service their top players. Read on for some quotes from their directors as well as Rush staff:

“C.S. Etoiles de L’Est is pleased to take the next step with our development program. Affiliating our club with Rush is a stepping stone that the club is proud to accomplish. These type of affiliations will help everyone involved, especially the players in our club who are the most important people. This is the first step towards achieving our objective to become an credited elite club within the Canadian landscape. Thank you to Rush to welcome C.S. Etoiles de L’Est into your network. Can’t wait to start working together to grow the game.” Fausto Di Giovanni - C.S. Etoiles de L’Est

“It is with great pleasure for us in Montreal to announce our partnership with Rush. It has been 6 years since our soccer program has been implemented in a small club in Montreal, and now we can finally take this program to the next level with the support of Rush. MTL Rush is the beginning of a new era for our players, staff and population.” Sandro Grande - Director, Montreal Rush

"Rush is welcoming Rush Montreal, new addition to the Rush Canada expansion as it is with existing operations in BC and Ontario, completing Rush geographical presence and representation from the east to the west of Canada. I am sure that in several years, Rush in Canada will be the biggest soccer organization as it is bringing established high quality developmental standards, extended levels of selection for the high quality players and international competition. Rush brand is recognized by college coaches as rush players are developed using same programs across the world. Extensive players exchange programs between Rush clubs globally allow players from all sides of the world to merge into the Rush culture let them be effected by it but also let them influence it making Rush Culture always evolving, contemporary environment for its youth global membership”. Slobodan Pavlovic, Rush International Technical Director