Meet Rush Board Member, Jannetta Litzman. Jannetta currently serves as the Treasurer on the board. She was the very first person appointed when the position was created in 2010. Initially, this was a huge undertaking because it required creating new processes and establishing financial procedures that had never been defined for the club. Having done the job now for nearly two years, Jannetta feels really good about the routine fiscal guidelines that have been developed which help Janetmanage the financial stability of Rush.   

 “As the treasurer on the board, my primary job is to ensure that the club stays fiscally responsible and remains profitable so that the organization can continue to grow and pursue its mission of making kids the best soccer players they can be,” says Litzman. “I feel I was well-equipped to take on the treasurer position because of my boot-strap background. Historically, I have had to be diligent with my dollars with my experience of starting up several businesses on my own. I have taken that knowledge and accountability to a whole new level by fulfilling the treasurer position.”

 Jannetta fits right into the Rush culture having spent many days and weekends on the Rush fields as she and her husband of 25 years are raising two daughters who have played or are currently playing for Rush.

 janet 2Jannetta has a proven track record as a successful entrepreneur. She and her husband, Todd, co-founded Brandwise, their current company where she is responsible for all financial activity including budget planning, financial reporting, strategic planning, human resources and legal. Prior to that, she was a co-founder of Showroom Solutions in 1997 (which later merged with Brandwise) and she also founded Designer Accents, the catalyst behind Showroom Solutions. Before venturing into the entrepreneurial business, Jannetta was part of the sales team for Lucent Technologies (formerly AT&T). She currently serves on the board of Gift For Life– A partnership between the Gift, Home and Stationary industries to raise funds in support of AIDS research and education.

 “I have been a serial entrepreneur. Fortunately, I have had much success with starting and growing companies. I am determined to succeed as the Rush treasurer and keep the club running profitably,” added Litzman.

 In her free time, Jannetta likes to take advantage of living on the west side of town, nestled up to the foothills, by being outdoors. She also enjoys spending time with her family. Her oldest, Brianna, a senior in high school, will soon be heading off to college leaving Sophia, her 11-year old daughter, to continue her career with A1 All-Stars team at Rush. Jannetta added, “We are a very close family, but it is interesting to be in business with your husband. It takes a strong, understanding partnership. We work together, car pool together, travel together and we love to cook together – that is a whole lot of togetherness!” Jannetta is used to being surrounded by family as she is number nine out of 10 siblings that were raised in South Dakota.janet 3

 Jannetta holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business with an emphasis on Marketing/Management from Northern State University and an MBA from the University of Denver.

 Rush appreciates the work Jannetta Litzman and all other board members do which enable the club to remain a strong force in the soccer arena and to continue to attract talented, new members.