Rush Select at PDT Day 1

Day one was a day for getting introduced to each other and getting the kinks out of the legs.  Most players arrived late yesterday, Thursday.  There was excitement in the air as the players met their teammates most for the first time.  “This is what Nationals go through all the time,” says Nik Penn Director of Select Teams for Rush Soccer.  “This specific program (PDT or Player Development Teams) focuses on bringing our more passionate elite Rush players from around the U.S.”
The Rush currently have 25 clubs in the U.S. to make up the select teams.   This is a mechanism to bring like players with like talents together.  “There are many objectives,” continues NIk, “ The players get a chance to play more then they would with there respective clubs.  The players then take there experience and new found knowledge back to the clubs to pass on the message.”
02.18.12 - pdt 1Last year, Rush faired fairly well at this event winning two championships and placing a couple more in the semi’s.  As the Rush Clubs grow and evolve, the talent gets better and better.   Ryan Williams from Hawaii Rush says, “I have been on selected for PDT for three years now.  I love coming to these events.  I have made many friends in the main land.”
Rush Competition starts tomorrow.  We will keep family, friends and fans posted.

(Pictures: Top right: Parents watch training. 2nd right: Meeting new teammates. Below: Rush Coaches discuss training, U14 Boys train in preparation to defend their 2011 championship.)

02.18.12 - pdt 202.18.12 - pdt 4