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The 6-3-1 is a Rush Way Philosophy (115 65) to ensure that all teams are progressing and improving consistently, as well as experiencing the emotions of winning and losing through manipulating 6 wins, 3 losses and 1 tie for every 10 games throughout the year. Academy and advanced coaches should monitor this as the season progresses to ensure that they are staying within the Rush philosophy (305 85).

Flaws and weaknessess are not as prevelant to the average coach when a team is winning all the time and so they are encouraged to schedule a scrimmage against tougher competition to be sure they are being pushed. Likewise, if a team is in a losing slump, then a scrimmage against  a weaker opponent is needed, to regain a positive attitude, develop a goal scoring mentality and create confidence.

Development (305 30;) is teaching players to win, but is also teach how to behave when they lose.  Yes we want to win the big games, league, ect but understanding all experiences of the game is essential to the team and player development. This includes opportunities to play in unfamiliar imagesca16d78pcircumstances such as up or down a goal or player (305 83). The winning, the losing and the ability to put your team in situations to help them grow as a player will all help to develop the ideal soccer player (530 18) and overcome adversity.

Unfortunately, this philosophy can go against many of the inherent needs of a player and a parent which is to win every game. So education and communication (300 123) is essential in implementing a strategy that will be successful. It is important to outline your season plan at your team meetings for players, staff and parents at the beginning of the season and none more important that at U11 (320 94).

A Rush coach should display the Rush qualities (325 21) of not only the development of the players on the fieldsoccer tie but also teaching and displaying the Rush Core Values (125 113).

There are many articles across the sporting world that speak of the development over winning (Sacrificing the win for today). Communication and education of taking the pressure off winning means that players enjoy the game more and parents do not get so intense on the sidelines (Parents taking the fun out of the sport).

The bottom line is that as coaches we are here to develop and form young players and this needs to be done through all avenues of the game, including winning, losing and drawing games on a consistent basis. This allows the players to experience success, the emotion of the battle as well as learning to lose with dignity, respect and the growth that comes with this.

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