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Coaches MAP - January


Goal setting 

This months M.A.P. is about goal setting.  I would encourage you to take a peek at the parents and players M.A.P.  — it’ll give some descriptions of goal setting as well as some suggestions on how to implement.

But of course the question is…how can you as a coach help your athletes reach their goals?   Here are some helpful links on how bosses, coaches and/or supervisors help people set and reach their goals.  They are full of little nuggets…enjoy: 

  • ·I really like this one.  It talks about why people DON’T reach their goals…and then turns around and gives you ideas on wy people reach their goals…check it out and take what you like.

  • ·Here is another business one.  AS you read it substitute boss for coach employee for athlete and business for team…it has some real nuggets in there for helping people reach their objectives.

  • ·I love this one.  It is simple and has vitla messages for us as coaches – in termso f who we are this year and how we can help others reach their goals.  …again  a business one but very good.

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