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Parents MAP March - "Concentration"



What is your role in your child’s “game/practice” concentration in soccer?  Is it to ensure they are focused the entire practice or game?  Is it a few comments from the sideline or perhaps in the car?  Is it nothing?

Really most experts would say that your role is to

  1. Cheer for your child
  2. Say positive things
  3. Don’t jeer
  4. Watch your body language
  5. Etc,.. etc..

There is a great deal of research about the incredible amount of attention and concentration it takes to play a sport  - as an adult and most definitely as a child.  So for this months M.A.P. we thought it would be interesting to look at unique ways to build your son or daughters concentration off of the field…with the hopes that perhaps it impacts their focus on the field. 

We’ve compiled a list of articles and vides that explain ways to improve concentration off the field…we hope you enjoy

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